Pronicel Special 70g per roll

Pronicel Special 70g per roll

PRONICEL SPECIAL – Adhesive that is easy to prepare, spreads perfectly, and is efficient. Contains fungicides.

Before wallpapering, carefully remove any roughness, adhesive paint and wallpaper residues from the surface. The walls should be dry, clean and uniformly smooth. Prepared surfaces should be primed with diluted adhesive solution (see Table).

Mix the contents of the package in the required amount of cold water (see table). After about 30 minutes, mix again to obtain a uniform solution. The glue prepared in this way is ready for use.

Spread the glue evenly on the underside of the wallpaper, adjusting its amount to the absorbency of the wallpaper. Fold the glued strip of wallpaper inwards and leave it for a few minutes (up to 5 minutes) for the glue to be absorbed by the paper. Stick the wallpaper strips butt together, starting from the window. Smooth the wallpaper surface with a brush, pushing out the air. Remove excess glue with a clean, damp cloth.

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