Producer of priming emulsions

We are a Polish manufacturer of priming emulsions. The products we offer play a key role in the process of preparing surfaces for painting or gluing. Using our primers allows you to achieve a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish on walls, ceilings or floors. The available emulsions ensure an even distribution of paint on the surface and protect the substrate against the damaging effects of moisture or mould.

We offer two types of priming emulsions – Pronicel Grunt Universal in ready-to-use form or as a concentrate, and deeply penetrating primer Pronicel Grunt. These are universal primers with high humidity resistance, high elasticity or vapour permeability. As a priming emulsions manufacturer, we guarantee to our customers the effectiveness of the available products. We fully control the production process, which translates into high quality of the offered emulsions. You can be sure that the materials purchased from us are durable and efficient – they do their job one hundred per cent.

Choosing our offer gives you the opportunity to negotiate the conditions of cooperation. This includes not only pricing, but also delivery times or the possibility to select specialised products for individual orders. This enables you to obtain favourable conditions for your investment, which translates into greater flexibility and savings in time and money.

Purchasing priming emulsions from a renown manufacturer is an investment that brings tangible benefits both during the construction project and in the long term. The right choice of priming emulsion and the professional support of the manufacturer are a guarantee for the durability and aesthetics of any construction project.