Laboratory testing service

In an era of rapid development in science and technology, professional laboratory testing services are becoming increasingly important for many industries, including the chemical, pharmaceutical or construction industries. Grupa Pronicel, as one of the market leaders, offers its customers a wide range of testing services to obtain precise results and optimise production processes.

Grupa Pronicel – a modern approach to laboratory testing

Pronicel Group is a well-established company that has been providing laboratory testing services for years. With advanced equipment and an experienced team of specialists, our company boasts a broad portfolio of services that meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial sectors. Among them we can mention the determination of acid and alkali concentrations by molecular method, bulk density determination, viscosity testing on Brookfield or Höppler equipment, compound composition analysis using a near-infrared instrument or sieve analysis of comminuted materials.



Support for innovation and scientific development

Laboratory research is a key element in the development of new products and services. They enable accurate analyses to be carried out to assess the effectiveness and safety of the solutions being developed. In the laboratory of Pronicel Group research is carried out in the fields of chemistry, biology, microbiology, as well as other scientific fields. This enables the company to support the development of innovations in various industrial sectors.

Optimisation of production processes

The laboratory testing service provided by the Pronicel Group also allows the optimisation of production processes. Thanks to laboratory analyses, it is possible to identify weak points in the production process and make appropriate changes to increase efficiency and reduce production costs. Companies using Pronicel Group’s services can count on competitiveness in the market and higher quality of their products.