Manufacturer of adhesives for billboards

Outdoor advertising plays a key role in promoting products and services in the market. One of the most popular and effective solutions in this field are billboards. However, in order for them to fulfil their function, they must be properly prepared and fixed. This is when billboard adhesives become indispensable – inconspicuous but extremely important products, which determine the durability and aesthetics of the advertisements presented.

What ingredients are used to produce billboard adhesives?

As a billboard adhesives manufacturer, we provide our customers with loose mixtures produced from the highest quality ingredients. One of the most important ones is the technical sodium salt – carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). CMC is a biodegradable polymer with a high water-binding and gel formation capacity. Adhesives with CMC are easy to use – just mix them with the right amount of water to obtain a uniform texture. It is worth noting that CMC-based adhesives are resistant to atmospheric agents such as rain or frost, which is extremely important for outdoor advertising. These properties make them perfect for billboards – they provide a durable and flexible bond.

Modified starch derivatives are also used in the production of adhesives used in the advertising industry. Starch is a natural polymer that can be modified to obtain better adhesive properties. This process results in adhesives with high resistance and flexibility. These products are easy to use – they simply need to be mixed with water to achieve the right texture. At the same time, they guarantee resistance to weathering agents.

The composition of adhesives for billboards available in Poland is completed by polyvinyl acetate dispersions (PVAc). PVAc is a synthetic polymer, characterised by high strength and elasticity. PVAc-based adhesives are easy to apply – they can be applied with a roller, brush or spray gun. These type of adhesives creates durable and flexible bonds, making it perfect for billboards.

In order to choose the right billboard adhesive, several factors need to be taken into account. What is important in this case is, among others, the type of material on which the advertisement is printed and the specific structure of the carrier. It is also important to check the properties of the adhesive, such as drying time, weathering agents resistance or ease of application.

Properties and applications of billboard adhesives

Billboard adhesives must meet a number of requirements to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the advertisements presented. A good adhesive should provide high adhesion. It guarantees a stable and long-lasting bonding between the graphic and the medium. Moreover, it must be resistant to atmospheric factors such as rain, snow or UV radiation. It is also important that the adhesive is easy to apply and it dries quickly. This allows the installation of the advertisement to be carried out effectively and quickly.

Billboard adhesives are used in various areas of outdoor advertising. They are used both for glueing traditional billboards and layouts installation on the facades of buildings or steel structures. Similarly to poster adhesives, they can also be used for placing advertisements on bus stops or large-format media.