The Pronicel SA Group specializes in creating products under the client’s brand. This service applies to all products in the offer, as well as adhesives and emulsions with a new recipe, composed especially to the customer’s order. If you want to offer glue under your own brand , we encourage you to cooperate. We are a manufacturer of high-quality adhesives and other products, including emulsions for priming various surfaces. We will be happy to create preparations for you that will meet the needs of your customers.

We are flexible and can start production of even small starter series of products. Pronicel products are of high, proven quality . Low production costs allow us to offer products at attractive prices. We invite you to cooperate – products under your own brand are an excellent tool for building customer loyalty, company prestige, as well as a good way to advertise, aggressive pricing policy and, of course, expanding the range and increasing turnover.

Why is it worth choosing adhesives under your own brand?

Adhesives under your own brand are an excellent choice when you want unique products that you can offer to your customers. All products are created in such a way as to ensure efficient operation in specific applications. These are adhesives for installing wallpapers, photo wallpapers and posters. They allow you to effectively attach a given product to the wall, without the risk of damage in a short time. Adhesives under your own brand allow you to develop your business or expand the offer of an existing store with materials necessary for renovations. When it comes to wallpaper adhesives , the manufacturer Pronicel is a guarantee of high quality and a customer-friendly approach. Before starting each order, please contact us to arrange all the details – we will certainly be able to establish favorable terms of cooperation.

Guarantee of excellent adhesive properties

The basis of a successful business is, above all, a high-quality product. You can be sure that the adhesives we create under your own brand will delight your customers and gain their trust for many years . We make sure that our products have excellent technical parameters that translate into their full functionality.

Adhesives intended for mounting posters, wallpapers or photo wallpapers must, above all, ensure perfect adhesion to the surface on which they are attached. Only then will they guarantee a visually beautiful effect. Our products meet this condition, and also:

  • guarantee durability of the fastening,
  • are highly resistant to weather conditions – moisture or rain,
  • they are easy and convenient to use,
  • after removing the poster or wallpaper, they do not leave any dirt,
  • enable easy removal of posters or wallpapers.

We supply adhesives under our own brand to customers based on our many years of experience and perfected production process . The excellent equipment of our analytical laboratory allows us to conduct constant and accurate quality control of all products.

We cordially invite entrepreneurs interested in our offer of adhesives under their own brand to contact us. We will be happy to cooperate with construction wholesalers and interior finishing companies. We guarantee attractive prices, reliable and timely execution of each order and an individual approach.