Grupa Pronicel Spółka Akcyjna on December 10, 2018. signed the Agreement No. RPMA.01.02.00-14-9912/17-00 with the Masovian Voivodeship, represented by the Management Board of the Masovian Voivodeship, on behalf of which the Masovian Unit for the Implementation of EU Programs operates, for co-financing the project “Research and Development Center of the Pronicel SA Group” co-financed by the European Fund Regional Development under Priority Axis I “Use of research and development activities in the economy” Measure 1.2 “Research and development activities of enterprises” of the Regional Operational Program of the Masovian Voivodeship for 2014-2020.

The main goal of the project is to develop the company’s activities. As a result of the project, a modern Research and Development Center of the Pronicel SA Group will be created, where research work on innovative products in the field of construction chemicals will be carried out. Detailed objectives of the project: construction works related to the construction of the CBR, finishing works of the CBR, purchase of scientific and research equipment and CBR equipment.

As a result of the work carried out, it is planned to develop a number of innovative products.

Products currently unavailable on the market:

1) Liquid glue concentrate for posters and billboards.

2) Effervescent wallpaper glue.

3) Effervescent poster glue.

4) Wallpaper glue in the form of tablets.

5) Poster glue in tablet form.

6) Wallpaper glue in the form of soluble sachets.

7) Aerosol/spray/atomizer poster adhesive.

Significantly improved products:

1) Bordeaux glue.

2) Glue for gluing.

3) Cork glue.

4) Styrofoam glue.

5) Ready wallpaper glue.

6) Pink wallpaper glue.

7) Billboard adhesive.

8) Low temperature resistant billboard adhesive.

The total value of the Project is PLN 4,903,064.13

The value of the funding (EU contribution) is PLN 496,687.50