Pronicel Grunt CONCENTRATE


Intended use

The priming emulsion is intended for priming and strengthening the surface of excessively or unevenly absorbent and dusty substrates with sufficient load-bearing capacity, as well as for reducing the absorbency of porous substrates.
It can be used on concrete, aerated concrete, plasters with mineral binders (cement, lime, gypsum), raw surfaces made of ceramic or lime-sand materials, and for cement, gypsum, plasterboard and impregnated wood-based boards. The preparation is used to prepare the surface before applying gypsum plasters, wallpapers, paints, adhesives, gypsum plasters and pouring floors. It can be used outside and inside the building.

Method of use

The substrate should be sufficiently strong, degreased and cleaned of dust, dirt, lime, stains and efflorescence of biological origin.
All types of cracks and scratches should be repaired. The entire surface to be applied must be thoroughly dried. Mix before use and apply with a brush, roller or spray. Use at temperatures from +5°C to 30°C. Efficiency 1 liter approximately 5÷12 m² (depending on the degree of absorbability of the substrate, it may vary significantly).

Dilution instructions

The concentrate should be diluted according to the instructions below: Very absorbent and weak substrates, plasterboard, cement-lime plaster, for wallpapering and painting works 500ml of concentrate / 4.5 liters of water

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