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P&P Professional

Professional wallpaper glue
Manufacturer: P&P Adhesives Paints

It is intended for gluing wallpapers on non-woven fabric

Substrate preparation:
Wallpapers should only be placed on dry, clean, smooth and hard surfaces, after removing the layer of adhesive paints and remnants of previous wallpapers. Level cracks, holes and irregularities smoothly with a spatula. First prime the absorbent substrate with diluted glue.

Preparation of the solution:
Pour the contents of the package into cold water (see the table for the amount of water), mixing thoroughly. Leave for about 30 minutes and then mix well.

Apply the glue using a roller or brush to the cleaned and prepared wall surface for wallpapering. Then the dry wallpaper is applied to the glued wall. Stick the wallpaper strips (boards) butt together. The joints of the wallpaper strips (pieces) should be pressed with a roller. Remove excess glue with a damp cloth or sponge.

ApplicationSolutionNumber of liters of cold waterEfficiency in m2
Vinyl wallpapers420-25 m²

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