There are many types of wallpapers on the market today. They differ from each other primarily in the materials
from which they are made. Below we present all types of wallpapers with their descriptions:

Paper wallpaper

It is made of one, two or several layers of paper. Single-layer wallpaper is thin, which makes it suitable primarily for even surfaces. Paper wallpapers are quite difficult to keep clean and are not resistant to scrubbing or contact with water.

Vinyl wallpaper

It’s bottom layer is made of vinyl or paper. Vinyl wallpapers are thicker than paper ones, which makes them more resistant to damage. They are characterized by good resistance to moisture, so they can be used even in bathrooms. They are easy to keep clean because washing and scrubbing will not damage them.

Wallpaper on a non-woven backing

It’s top layer is paper or plastic. Non-woven wallpapers mask small wall irregularities well and also absorb noise very well. If you get bored with the wallpaper, it can be easily removed dry.

Acrylic wallpaper

The bottom layer of acrylic wallpaper is made of paper and the top layer is made of acrylic foam. Such wallpaper is not resistant to scrubbing and moisture and can be easily damaged.

Fiberglass wallpaper

It feels very similar to fabric. It is resistant to water and scrubbing. It can be painted and is resistant to damage.

Raufaza wallpaper

It is made of several layers of paper interwoven with wood fibers. They cover minor imperfections very well. After applying them to the wall, they need to be painted.

Wall murals

This is an increasingly fashionable way of finishing walls. Photo wallpapers are wallpapers with any photo printed on them. Their composition, size and design are an individual decision of the client.