Why is it worth wallpapering?

Do you want the renovation to be completed as quickly as possible? Nothing could be simpler, the Pronicel brand has been on the Polish market for over 40 years and has been helping its customers

Types of wallpapers

There are many types of wallpapers on the market today. They differ from each other primarily in the materials from which they are made. Below we present all types of wallpapers with their descriptions: Paper wallpaper It is

Preparation for wallpapering

Essential assortment for wallpapering:An upholstery table or a thin fiberboard or plasterboard instead. The large flat surface makes it easier to spread the wallpaper, cut it and apply glue. A bucket or other water

What glue should I use for wallpapering?

When choosing wallpaper, we always want it to look as good as possible on the wall. It should adhere perfectly, not deform after gluing, and not peel off at the edges. The guarantee of proper

Let’s start wallpapering!

We start wallpapering by carefully measuring the height of the wall - from floor to ceiling or to the specified height at which the wallpaper should end. It is important to measure each strip of

Wallpapering difficult places

When wallpapering a room, we often come across places that may cause us problems.Such places include:corners, window and door recesses, sockets and switches,We will try to explain wallpapering in the above-mentioned places as simply

Wallpapering is one of the most popular ways to quickly and effectively refresh an interior. Contrary to how it looks, this is not a difficult task. However, it requires not only patience, but also the right knowledge and skills.

Before starting the work, it is worth knowing a few basic rules that will help you avoid mistakes and guarantee a satisfactory result. Our advice will let you understand why wallpapering is worthwhile, how to prepare for it, what adhesive to use and where to start. You will also discover the types of wallpaper and their properties. After reading our posts you will find out what type of wallpaper to choose, what tools and materials you will need and how to deal with wallpaper installation in places which are difficult to reach. Getting to know the contents of our articles, you will gain practical knowledge for making the wallpaper on your walls durable, stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

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