These days, advertising is everywhere. Various types of advertising media can be found on city streets, in shopping malls, and even on the roads between towns. Billboards are among the most popular ones, as they which catch the eye of passing pedestrians and drivers with their sheer size and creative graphic designs. For a billboard to work, however, the poster it displays must be properly fixed. What adhesives are suitable for pasting up billboard posters? Find out in this post. Read on to learn more.

Billboard pasting adhesives – what to look at when choosing one

Choosing the right adhesive for pasting billboard posters may seem like a simple task. However, it is worth knowing that not every product is good for pasting billboard posters. When looking for the right option, make sure that the adhesive is weatherproof to resist rain, snow, and strong wind. It is also important that the adhesive cures quickly and ensures a durable bond.

Polyurethane adhesives – the perfect solution for pasting billboard

Products that work well for billboard poster pasting are polyurethane-based adhesives. They are resistant to moisture, which is extremely important for billboards which are outdoor structures. There is more – polyurethane adhesives stand out with high strength and flexibility, so they can hold large and heavy billboard features.

Pronicel B10 adhesive – the proven choice for professionals

Among the adhesives available on the market, it makes sense to look at a product from the Pronicel Group, the Pronicel B10 adhesive. It is a paste powder specially formulated for applying billboard materials and other advertising media, like pasted posters. The Pronicel billboard pasting adhesives are made in Poland, featuring excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including metal, wood, and concrete. They can be used for fixing billboard posters and panels and their support structure parts as well.

Key advantages of the Pronicel B10 adhesive

The Pronicel B10 adhesive stands out with its fast curing time, which reduces the time to install billboard materials with minimised risk of their potential failure. The adhesive is easy to apply, so it can be used by both professionals and people inexperienced in the assembly and installation of advertising structures.

With its weather resistance and high strength, Pronicel B10 ensures secure and durable pasting of billboards. The advertising structures fixed with this adhesive resist strong wind and snow loads, which is critical to the safety of billboards installed along busy roads.