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Wallpapering is one of the popular and effective methods of finishing walls. Correctly applied wallpaper should adhere to the wall, not deform or peel off at the edges. Proper bonding of the wallpaper to the wall depends largely on the type of glue used. What should you consider when choosing wallpaper glue? What glue to use?

How to choose wallpaper glue?

Aspects to pay attention to when choosing wallpaper glue include the capacity of the glue package and the type of material from which the wallpaper was made. Individual types of wallpapers differ in, among other things, thickness and hardness. Wallpaper glue should be selected taking into account these properties – only then can you be sure of proper adhesion and durability of attaching the wallpaper to the wall surface.

Which glue is suitable for a specific type of wallpaper?

Our offer includes loose adhesives and ready-made wallpaper adhesives , suitable for immediate use. If you plan to stick paper wallpaper on the wall, use an adhesive with a thinner consistency, such as Pronicel Normal . The use of thick and heavy glue could be too burdensome for light and relatively thin paper wallpaper.

Vinyl wallpapers, on the other hand, require the use of thicker adhesives due to their greater thickness and weight. The optimal solution – both in the case of paper and vinyl wallpapers – will be to use universal wallpaper glue.

Heavy fiberglass wallpapers require the use of preparations intended for gluing heavier materials – in this case, Pronicel Glass or Pronicel Glass Plus will be perfect.

Non-woven wallpapers, in which the glue is applied directly to the wall, require the use of thick adhesives that are not diluted with water.