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Do you run a company or maybe you are professionally involved in marketing and advertising? This topic of posters, leaflets and billboards is certainly close to you. In this article, you will learn the specifics of gluing leaflets, posters and billboards. You will learn how the adhesives used for this purpose differ from others and why it is worth choosing the highest quality products.

All advertising and information media used outdoors require the use of weather-resistant adhesives. Both moisture and significant temperature fluctuations can quickly destroy billboards, posters and leaflets. The glue used for them must be specially adapted to paper so as not to soak too much into the material and destroy the characters printed on it. Many of them are produced on the basis of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, modified starch derivatives and polyvinyl acetate dispersions in the form of a powder ready to dissolve in water. Once dry, the glue turns into a transparent layer, easy to remove when you need to change the poster. Therefore, it is not worth experimenting with other types of preparations, but buy special glue for posters and billboards, even if you only need a small amount of this agent.

How is poster and billboard adhesive applied?

An additional problem when mounting posters and billboards is their large format. Although adhesive preparations have the right consistency, allowing them to be easily spread over the entire surface of the advertising medium, be sure to purchase special tools to facilitate their application. A roller or what the manufacturer recommends will work best. The adhesive should be prepared and applied in accordance with the recommendations contained in the information leaflet. It is equally important to level the surface of posters and billboards after gluing and thoroughly remove air bubbles, which look very unsightly. The undoubted advantage of adhesives for posters and billboards is the fact that they dry quickly. After 1-2 hours you can enjoy the results of your work.