Sticking posters requires some practice and following a few important rules. For large poster surfaces consisting of many parts, you will also need additional tools. We tell you what to pay special attention to so that the poster is glued evenly, straight and permanently.

Regardless of whether you want to stick the poster on an advertising board, advertising trailer or other surface, you should first make sure that the surface is as clean and smooth as possible. Large irregularities will look unattractive, and remnants of paints, glues or other chemical compounds may make it difficult for the new glue to bind. Therefore, you need to remove old posters, paint remnants and other remnants of old layers to make the surface as even as possible.

How to stick a poster on an advertising board?

Once the surface is prepared, apply good quality poster glue evenly . Large posters, composed of a large number of panels, are the most difficult to stick, and the difficulty lies mainly in matching the patterns on individual panels. The first piece is placed in the upper left corner. It should be placed evenly vertically and horizontally in relation to the board frame. After applying the board, the poster should be smoothed with a brush or roller. Then place another panel underneath the already glued one, positioning it so that the graphics and letters from both panels match each other perfectly. Smooth it out with a brush or roller and then move to the right side of the board. The excess part of the poster should be cut off exactly at the edges of the board.

Sticking posters in other places

When gluing a poster on an advertising trailer, start from the back. As in the case of a board, the panels should be matched using letters and graphics on the poster and the individual panels should be smoothed with a brush. Regardless of the place, posters are glued according to similar principles. It is extremely important to use the right glue and smooth the surface after gluing to avoid air bubbles collecting underneath.