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Wallpapers can be divided into several groups, such as paper, vinyl, non-woven or textile. Each of these types may require a different glue. It is also worth paying attention to the thickness of the wallpaper and its structure – the more advanced it is, the greater the demands placed on the adhesive product.

Technical parameters of wallpaper glue

Another aspect worth attention is the technical parameters of the glue. An important element is the drying time of the product. Usually it takes from 5 to 20 minutes, but it is worth choosing a product that allows for some margin of adjustment. An important parameter is also the adhesive efficiency , specified in the information provided by the wallpaper adhesives manufacturer . It is a good idea to choose the amount that will ensure comfortable gluing of the entire surface without the need to buy additional packages.

Chemical composition of wallpaper glue

The chemical composition of the adhesive affects its adhesion properties as well as resistance to moisture and fungi. It is worth checking whether the glue does not contain substances harmful to health or the environment. When choosing wallpaper glue, it is worth choosing water- or cellulose-based products that are ecological and less harmful. However, if the wallpaper is to be installed in the bathroom or kitchen, it is worth investing in specialized glue with high moisture resistance.

Opinion of other users about wallpaper glue

Before purchasing, it is also worth reading the opinions of other users about a specific glue. These opinions can be found on various online forums, in building materials stores and on product comparison websites. It is worth paying attention to those that are the most reliable, i.e. those from people who have actually used a given product. This helps avoid potential problems with the quality and durability of the adhesive.

Price and brand of wallpaper glue

Once we have collected all the necessary information about the type of wallpaper, technical parameters of the glue, its chemical composition and the opinions of other users, it is worth considering the price and brand of the glue. Good quality products do not have to be expensive , but it is worth choosing proven manufacturers who guarantee the high quality of their products.