Pronicel B10 a

Pronicel B10


The poster adhesive is produced on the basis of technical sodium carboxymethylcellulose salt, modified starch derivatives and polyvinyl acetate dispersion. It is intended for gluing billboards on concrete, metal and wooden surfaces. The solubility of the glue is approximately 30 minutes, after which it is ready for use. We ensure the durability of the glue, after drying, a transparent layer remains, which, if necessary, is easy to remove along with the poster. The product is sold in loose form, in handy 20-kilogram packages, the product only requires adding water.

The glue is sold in loose form.

ApplicationSolutionNumber of liters of cold waterEfficiency in m2
100 g1.7~8 m²
300 g5.1~24 m²
500 g8.5~40 m²

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