Manufacturer of poster adhesives

Have you ever wondered how to glue a poster to a wall, glass or other unusual surfaces so that neither the poster nor the substrate is damaged? Anyone who has tried to do this at least once knows how important it is to use the right adhesive. Pronicel poster adhesives are universal products for glueing posters on concrete, metal and wooden surfaces. Just like in case of photo wallpaper adhesives they are safe compounds free of harmful substances such as solvents or formaldehyde. Adhesives based on the technical sodium salt of carboxymethylcellulose are the best choice for private use and for various marketing or information campaigns.

Poster adhesives from a Polish manufacturer – key benefits

  • Tailoring the product to users’ needs
    The poster adhesives we produce are created with the different types of poster substrates and materials in mind. This makes it possible to match the right adhesive to the specific needs of users. Adhesives available on the retail market are often general purpose products that do not always meet expectations in terms of durability and aesthetics. Purchasing an adhesive directly from the manufacturer allows you to obtain a product designed for a specific application.
  • Guarantee of quality and effectiveness
    In case of purchasing an adhesive from the manufacturer, you are assured of its quality and effectiveness. As a renown company, we care about our reputation, which is why we only offer products that meet high quality standards. In the case of poster adhesives this means above all a durable and aesthetically pleasing bonding of materials and no negative impact on the appearance of the layout.
  • Health and environmental safety
    Our poster adhesives are not only effective, but also safe for the health of users and the environment. Purchasing a product from a manufacturer gives you the assurance that it has been manufactured in accordance with current standards and regulations on chemicals. As an experienced company with a recognised reputation, we are committed to sustainability, which is reflected in our choice of environmentally friendly raw materials and technologies in the adhesive manufacturing process.
  • Technical support and advice
    Another advantage of purchasing poster adhesive from the manufacturer is that you can benefit from professional technical support and advice. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the properties and applications of the products we offer. We are always happy to help you choose the right adhesive. We also provide the necessary tips on its application.
  • Flexibility and the ability to adapt the product to individual needs
    Working with an adhesive manufacturer also gives you the opportunity to customise your product. This can range from changes to the adhesive formulation to packaging or labelling. This ensures that the user receives a product that meets their requirements, resulting in better results in terms of poster durability and aesthetics.

Purchasing a poster adhesive from a manufacturer is a guarantee of high quality, effectiveness and safety for health and the environment. Working with a renown company allows you to get professional technical support and flexibility in customising the product. It is therefore worth investing in poster adhesives offered by proven manufacturers such as Pronicel Group.