Adhesive bonding is one of the most important steps in the installation of this type of wall covering (which is also known as a photo wall or a photo wallpaper). It determines the durability and aesthetic value of the final result. Choosing the right adhesive for a wall mural is crucial to ensure that it bonds properly to the wall and to avoid later problems with the mural peeling off or unsightly air pockets showing from underneath. In this post we will showcase the main types of commercially available wall mural adhesives and discuss their properties. Take a look!

Types of wall mural adhesives

There are different types of adhesive available on the market for the installation of wall murals. Their choice depends on the wallpaper type, its substrate, and the individual preferences of the user. There are three basic types of adhesive for wall murals.

  • Cellulose adhesives

Cellulose-based adhesives are the most popular choice for paper wall murals. They are easy to apply, cure quickly and hold the covering well on the wall. Cellulose adhesives are also environmentally friendly, as they do not contain harmful chemicals. The downside is a substrate adhesion weaker than in other adhesive types.

  • Latex adhesives

Latex-based adhesives are more flexible than cellulose adhesives, making them better in conforming to wall irregularities and ensuring better adhesion of the wall mural. They are also more resistant to moisture, which makes them perfect for highly humid spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms. Latex adhesives are, however, more expensive than cellulose ones, which may be an obstacle for some users.

  • Dispersion adhesives

Dispersion adhesives are modern products that combine the advantages of cellulose and latex adhesives. They are flexible, provide good adhesion strength on a variety of surfaces and cure quickly. Dispersion adhesives are also resistant to moisture, making them suitable for highly humid rooms.

Pronicel F adhesive – the all-rounder solution from the Pronicel Group

The Pronicel Group, which is a Polish manufacturer of wall mural adhesives, provides its customers high a quality adhesive, Pronicel F. It is a product based on latex dispersion, which works not only for paper wallpapers, but also those based on vinyl or textiles. The Pronicel F adhesive boasts excellent adhesion to various surfaces, a short curing time and resistance to moisture.

Thanks to its properties, Pronicel F can be used in both dry and wet rooms. The product is also environmentally friendly – it has no harmful chemicals or solvents.